The Wand

Computer Controlled Local Anesthesia Delivery System

Modern dentistry is easy dentistry in South Bend, Indiana. At Dr. Mader's office, he provides his patients the most advanced state-of-the-art dental technology in Michiana. Our staff is committed to superior quality of care using the best technology available. Dr. Mader has been using the Wand™/Compudent™ at his office for years and can't imagine his practice without it.

The Wand It doesn't look like a syringe.
It doesn't hurt like a syringe.
And it works better than a syringe.

No more painful injections in dentistry! The Wand™/Compudent™ is a digital anesthetic instrument which places the numbing solution slower than humanly possible. Most patients comment that it is the most comfortable anesthetic they have ever received. With it being a pain free dental anesthesia, patients quickly overcome their nervousness.

The Wand

A better injection for all patients...

Whether injections make you nervous or not, The Wand™/Compudent™ helps to provide a more effective anesthetic delivery. No more painful injections and you're more comfortable throughout your entire procedure.

The Wand™/Compudent™ is an excellent example of Dr. Mader's efforts to bring you the latest state-of-the-art dental technology and to help all patients have a pleasant, pain-free dental experience every time you visit.

How the Wand Works

The Wand The microprocessor inside The Wand™/Compudent™ automatically compensates for different tissue densities. The anesthetic is delivered at a constant pressure and volume that is typically below the threshold of pain.

The computer provides a flow of anesthetic directly ahead of the needle. This numbs the site of insertion and develops a "pathway of anesthesia" so you hardly feel the needle at all.

The source of discomfort for most injections, however, isn't the needle; it's the flow of the anesthetic into your tissue. The Wand™/Compudent™ delivers the anesthetic at on optimal flow rate for a comfortable injection every time.

For more information about the Wand™/Compudent™, please contact Dr. Mader's office at 574.271.9000.