Professional Teeth Whitening vs. Home Products

People today are almost obsessed with their smile and who could blame them? It has been proven again and again in tests that one of the first things other people notice is your smile. How your smile looks is very important, particularly when it comes to first impressions. When shown pictures of smiles, test subjects consistently named the whitest smile the person most likely to be successful and trustworthy. Clearly, a lot hinges on the strength of our smiles.

Due to this trend of wanting whiter teeth, there are many products on the market that claim to be able to brighten your smile or whiten your teeth. There are also procedures that can be done in the dentist's office. There are advantages and disadvantages to all forms of teeth whitening products and procedures.

Teeth Whitening Rinses
The newest type of product on the market, whitening rinses are merely mouthwash with a whitening agent added. While most of these won't hurt to use as part of routine oral hygiene, don't expect them to make any difference in the brightness of your smile. Not only is the whitening agent found in these far too weak to have much whitening power, rinses do not stay on your teeth long enough to have much, if any, effect.

Teeth Whitening Toothpastes
These have been on the drugstore shelves for quite some time and they do work to a degree. That degree, though, is only about one shade of lightening and it can take three months of daily use in order to realize that much effect. If you have naturally white teeth and simply want to combat staining from colas or coffee drinking, then whitening pastes will probably do the trick for you. For anything more serious, don't expect anything too dramatic.

Teeth Whitening Strips and Trays
Strips and trays that can be found outside of the dentist office can range from useless to rather effective. Most strip products work quite well at lightening the teeth by up to 5 or 6 shades. Unfortunately, this can take weeks to do and will only be truly effective on the half dozen or so teeth at the very front of your mouth. Whitening solutions with trays can be very effective, whitening as much as 10 shades. However, there are some drawbacks to these products that can be hazardous. Most are not tested or rated by the American Dental Association and the strength of the solution in each can vary widely. Too weak a solution won't be effective but too strong a solution can cause damage to the sensitive tissues surrounding the teeth and inside our mouths. The trays are usually one-size-fits-all and can allow the bleaching solution to spill out. It is not easy to perform the procedure inside your own mouth, either. Home bleaching products are the most expensive of the do-it-yourself options, with some brands costing hundreds of dollars.

Professional Teeth Whitening
Whitening procedures done in the dentist's office may require a bit more investment than cheap over the counter products, but the professional results you see in the mirror are second to none. (Some insurance plans may even pay for at least part of the cost.) Professional services are often no more expensive than some home bleaching products, and are also far more effective and work far faster. One treatment inside the dentist office can whiten up to 10 shades like the at-home trays but it is much faster than the at-home products.

Zoom Whitening is one of the most popular and effective choices for professional teeth whitening. This method combines an in-office treatment which takes 30-60 minutes along with follow-up treatment at home. Used by dentists worldwide to whiten over 4 million smiles and counting, Zoom Whitening gives you a beautiful, white smile in mere minutes. Contact South Bend Dentist Dr. Jeffrey Mader to schedule your Zoom Whitening.

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