Michigan Dentures

Do you need Dentures?

For those that have lost their natural teeth from tooth decay, injury or disease, dentures can replace your teeth and restore your attractive smile.

What are Dentures

Dentures come in several forms. A temporary complete denture (also called an immediate denture) is inserted after any remaining teeth are removed, allowing you to enjoy your teeth while healing and awaiting your permanent dentures.

Full, complete or conventional dentures are created and placed in the mouth after the gums have healed from the extraction procedure.

An overdenture is a removable denture that fits over a small number of implants or natural remaining teeth.

Michigan Dentures

Dentures can provide you with a complete set of functional teeth, even when you've lost your natural teeth due to decay, injury or disease.

What are over dentures?

Overdentures fit securely over your remaining teeth or dental implants. Your natural teeth must be prepared by your denture professional to ensure a stable, secure fit. Overdentures are removable and only your denture professional can determine if they are a suitable option for you.

How do Dentures Feel?

At first, dentures may feel awkward to you. Your new dentures may feel loose while your muscles adjust to holding them firmly.

Don't worry, in a short while, your new dentures will be comfortable and more natural feeling.

How do I Find a Denture Professional?

South Bend Dentist Dr. Jeffrey Mader understands your situation. The realization that you need dentures is many times not an easy one. Dr. Mader will help ease that transition and set your mind at ease about your new dentures. Imagine finally having a more natural smile, healthy gums and the ability to chew more normally again with your new dentures. Dr. Mader understands that dentures (and dental work in general) can be perceived as expensive. He accepts nearly all major insurance plans.

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