Top 5 Teeth Staining Culprits

These 5 things are the biggest enemys of whiter teeth. Learn how to keep your natural teeth whiter, and to preserve your freshly whitened teeth.

Dr. Mader offers professional teeth whitening services, and he feels strongly that a professional service is safer and more effective than over the counter products (many of which don't work at all). We can all enjoy whiter teeth by cutting down on the items below and for those that enjoy a beautiful, whiter smile after visiting Dr. Mader, these tips will help maintain that bright white for a longer time.

Culprit #1
Coffee and Tea. Many of us love a good old cup of Joe in the morning or a nice cup of tea. Unfortunately, drinking several cups per day will cause the tannin chemicals in coffee and tea to turn your teeth yellowish or a darker shade. If you must have that coffee or tes in the morning to get going, try to limit your intake to a cup per day. Avoid black coffee or tea - try milk-based choices if at all possible.

Culprit #2
Cigarettes. One of the worst offenders, cigarettes stain you teeth in multiple ways... not only do the effect of the tobacco leaves stain your teeth, the habit of smoking causes the smoker to continually expose the teeth to the staining process.

Culprit #3
Wine. Dark wines such as reds have the greatest staining impact on your teeth due to the dark purple colors found naturally in the grapes used for their production. Lighter wines have a lesser impact, but can still stain your teeth over time. Always try to rinse your mouth thoroughly with clear water after enjoying wine to minimize the staining impact of your vino.

Culprit #4
Soda / Pop / Cola. Whatever you call them, dark colored soft drinks can have a major staining effect on your teeth. The food coloring in soda heads right to the tooth and begins darkening almost immediately. If possible, limit your intake of soda, or enjoy lighter colored sodas. Using a straw to sip you soda can also help reduce the staining effect by reducing the contact between the soda and your teeth.

Culprit #5
Processed foods. Make processed foods are chocked full of chemicals and food colorants that make them look and taste mouth-wateringly yummy. Unfortunately, those artifical goodies are a big source of teeth staining badness. Don't believe us? Have a quick peek at your teeth after enjoying some chips or another snack. They'll most likely resemble the snack instead of their normal bright white selves.

Enjoy these tips for a heathy, whiter smile. Contact Dr. Mader today to discuss how we can help your smile be its whitest - and it's heathiest.

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